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Cool Menu it offers you more than your digital letter in a simple and fast way

Manage your orders at a restaurant or at home in a few minutes. Accessibility from any device through QR code or Our Cool Points.

Cool menu

Cool Menu

We want to be part of the beginning of a new era in your business.

Safe against COVID-19

Avoid contacting your customers with physical letters

Increase your sales

Manage your letter in several languages to be always updated

QR Code and Cool Point

Customization of QR Code to print.

Easy and simple

Your customers don't need to download any app to access your letter

Management of orders and reservations

Save time: your customers can make reservations and order from the menu itself


Complies with regulation 1169/2011 on allergen information

We are not just another business, we represent the services that your company needs ..

See how we do it

This way you can start to do it yourself, and focus on your customers and your business

Cool Menu

That is why we have designed a system capable of helping your business adapt to the current circumstances that our country is experiencing.

We have a letter of services that can help you reduce the workloads in your business or company so that you can offer your clients the security and support they deserve.

From the complete customization of dishes to the payment method or the use of automatic notifications, so that you lose any detail.

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Cool Menu

The most comfortable, practical and hygienic solution for your restaurant


The menu can be consulted from the mobile, Tablet, PC, without installing any application. Compatible with all mobile devices and operating systems.


Your customers do not need to download any app. They just need to scan the QR or Point COOL code with their smartphone and will access the menu directly.

Multi language

You can display your menu in different languages and manage the orders and orders in the language you prefer.

Digital Menu for Restaurants

Digitize your business

Enjoy the possibilities offered by new technologies.

No printing costs

Forget about printing your wine and specialties on paper every season.

Save more than you imagine

Save printing costs and give a different look to your restaurant for less than you imagine.

Your digital menu with an easy, simple, fast and powerful management system.

QR Codes

We create an exclusive code for your establishment. Place them in strategic places in your establishment so that they are easily accessible.

Point COOL

We offer you a technology that your customers will be surprised, since they will be able to access your letter, just by bringing the phone to the COOL Point (without installing any app) .

Admin panel

Change, modify, add, edit your menu on the go, easily from any device.


You will not have to disinfect anything. Imagine how many times a day you would have to disinfect the usual menus if you worked with them.


The cleanest and most hygienic way to deliver the content of your menu to your customers.


We will insert your logo and image of your restaurant, cafe, bar, brewery.

Integration with social networks

Share the letter through your social networks.

Professional design of the menu.
Very fast loading of the menu in the mobile.
Instant access to the dishes. Filter by categories.
The easiest and quickest digital menu for your customers to use.
High quality QR code with the name of your restaurant. You can download it as many times as you want and print it in the format you need.
The menu is a mini-website of your restaurant with all the most important data of it.
With photos of your dishes.
Contact details of your restaurant.
Direct phone call to your restaurant.
Google Maps map of your restaurant's location.
Logo or image of your restaurant. You can specify the corporate colour of the menu.
Slogan and description of your restaurant.
Covid-19 section so you can explain how your restaurant works during the pandemic.
Your restaurant's opening hours.
Direct access to your restaurant's social networks.
The easiest and quickest digital menu for the restaurant owner. A menu of 100 dishes can be created in less than half an hour.
Menu in several languages. To be chosen by the caterer.
You can specify the allergens in your dishes.
You can quickly share the menu with a friend or family member through WhatsApp.
Direct access to the restaurant's website.
Daily menú.
Choice of card currency.
Our platform is continuously growing and from time to time we add new functionalities requested by our customers. If you are missing any feature, please let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we don't want to put any barriers to customers coming to your restaurant, we think it's important not to have to download anything when they want to see the menu or the digital menu of the restaurant quickly.

If you don't have time to upload the cards, dishes, products, etc. hiring our silver, gold or platinum plans, we will do it for you, just send us your cards and we will manage it.

Yes. We include allergen control for every dish. When you add a dish, you can also indicate the allergens with a single click.

No, our digital menu is independent, you don't need a website, we provide the whole system.

Yes, once you have created the digital menu, you only have to press the button to generate the QR code and you will download a printable PDF to place on tables, walls of your restaurant. The QR code will always be the same even if you modify the dishes or the menu.

Yes, we have a web analytics system that will allow you to know the behavior of your customers in the restaurant, you can know what menu or dish is the most consulted.

You can add a menu for each day of the week, the customer depending on the day, will only see the corresponding one, that way you will save a lot of time.

Yes, as if it were a traditional menu, you can add outstanding suggestions so that customers can see them easily.

The customer, from the table, can create their own command.

We are constantly working on new improvements. One of our priorities is that the customer can order and pay from the restaurant table.

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